Short filmmaking in Bosnia is still new and underdeveloped and people see it as a kind of practice for then making feature films. But I think that’s not something typical to just Bosnia, it is a general problem. It‘s rare for people who’ve made a feature film to then go back and make a short film – it‘s the other way around that’s more commonplace.


Vladan Petkovic, Program Director of the 8th International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus in our interview.

Deadline is April 7, 2014. Submit now, smarter:


Filmmakers Alert // Deadlines April 2014

Athens International Short film festival Psarokokalo
Athens, Greece
Late Deadline: Apr 01, 2014

Salento International Film Festival
TRICASE – Salento, South Italy, Italy
Late Deadline: Apr 04, 2014

International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus
Banja Luka,  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Regular Deadline: Apr 07, 2014

Telluride Horror Show
Telluride,  United States
Earlybird Deadline: Apr 15, 2014

One Shot
Yerevan, Armenia
Regular Deadline: Apr 10, 2014

Hollyshorts Film Festival
Hollywood, CA, United States
Regular Deadline: Apr 12, 2014

Syros International Film Festival
Hermoupolis, Greece
Late Deadline: Apr 15, 2014

Bicycle Film Festival
New York, United States
Regular Deadline: Apr 17, 2014
Late Deadline: Apr 27, 2014

Plymouth Film Festival
Plymouth, United Kingdom
Late Deadline: Apr 20, 2014

Antenna Documentary Festival
Sydney, Australia
Regular Deadline: Apr 25, 2014

Sydney Underground Film Festival
Sydney, Australia
Regular Deadline: Apr 25, 2014

Edinburgh Short Film Festival
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Late Deadline: Apr 28, 2014

DC Shorts Film Festival and Screenplay Competition
Washington, DC, United States
Late Deadline: Apr 30, 2014

Edmonton International Film Festival
Edmonton, Canada
Regular Dealdine: Apr 15, 2014
Late Deadline: Apr 30, 2014

Filmstock Film Festival
Albuquerque, NM; Denver, CO; Salt Lake City, UT; Tempe, AZ, United States
Regular Deadline: Apr 30, 2014

Rolling Deadlines:

Fester: The Mindfuck Festival
Los Angeles, United States
Rolling Deadline: Apr 10, 2014

More deadlines in our monthly Deadline list here:

Taos Shortz Award Winners 2014

Taos Shortz came to a conclusion in New Mexico on Sunday night, and we’re sending a big FFL congrats out to all the award winners! A large bunch of the lucky recipients were also submitted via FilmFestivalLife, who we’ve assigned stars.

Here’s the list for your perusal…

Director’s Choice WinnerEfímera, Diego Modino.

*** Dramatic Fiction Winner:  Dios Por El Cuello (God By the Neck), José Trigueiros.

Dramatic Fiction Honorable Mention: Sució Por Fuera (Dirty on the Outside), Leonardo Lafferte.

*** Comedy Fiction Winner: Чиппендейл (Chippendale), Kamila Safina

*** Comedy Fiction Honorable MentionIl Passo Della Lumaca (Snail’s Pace), Daniele Suraci.

Animation WinnerEl Ruido del Mundo (The Noise of the World), Coke Riobóo.

*** Animation Honorable MentionHumanexus, Ying-Fang Shen.

Animation Honorable MentionThe Hopper, Alex Brüel Flagstad.

*** Documentary WinnerFamilies Are Forever, Vivian Kleiman.

*** Documentary Honorable MentionThe German Who Came To Tea, Kerry Kolbe.

OOTO WinnerOne Shot, Dietrich Brüggeman.

OOTO Honorable MentionEat, Moritz Krämer.

*** Emerging Artist WinnerGood Night, Muriel d’Ansembourg.

*** Emerging Artist Honorable MentionBreakdown, Brayden Yoder.

*** ZIA WinnerComplementary, Christopher Zappe.

Zia Honorable MentionThose That Play Your Clowns, John Broadhead.

*** Zia Honorable Mention: The Silence, Echota Killsnight.


People’s Choice WinnerPro Kopf (The Maid), Sascha Zimmerman.

People’s Choice Honorable MentionDeath The Loser, Seiki Watanabe.

People’s Choice NM ZIA WinnerThe Princess and the Musician, Alejandro Montoya Marin.

*** People’s Choice TAOSEÑO Winner: Going Home Homeless, Taos Levi Romero.

Well done everyone! 

(*** = FFL filmmakers)



Good films bring to the viewer something new, whether it’s in the structure, the way the story is told, their point of view, or how the filmmaker sees the world – that’s all important. A good film has a point of view, a direction, somewhere you can go to.


Doclisboa’s Program Coordinator Miguel Ribeiro in our interview.

More here:

achtung berlin - new berlin film award 2014 feature program

Anton Fest
Directed by John Kolya Reichart
93 Min

Der Jäger ist die Beute

Art Girls
Directed by Robert Bramkamp
120 Min

Die Geschichte vom Astronauten
Directed by Godehard Giese
77 Min

Directed by Nico Sommer
80 Min

Kein großes Ding
Directed by Klaus Lemke
82 Min

Rona & Nele

Männer zeigen Filme & Frauen ihre Brüste
Directed by Isabell Šuba
83 Min

Silent Youth

Directed by Fabian Möhrke
84 Min


Schwarzer Panther
Directed by Samuel Perriard
77 Min

Vergrabene Stimmen
Directed by Numan Acar
88 Min

We work really hard to try to stand out from other festivals, by giving every filmmaker who makes it to our festival, whether a short filmmaker or a feature filmmaker, the attention they deserve. They’re all treated like rock stars, as at the end of the day – without their films, we wouldn’t have a festival!


Kerrie Long, Festival Producer of the 28th Edmonton International Film Festival in our interview ‘6 Tips for Filmmakers from Edmonton International Film Festival’.

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